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SIMETI is introducing very up-to-date and sophisticated products on the global market, which are designed to generate electricity from renewable energy resources. While basic products are wind-driven, other modulations combine wind and solar radiation. All products are completely independent of central electricity suppliers and are capable of full off-grid operation.

“Green” energy

Over the past years, “green” energy has become a widely discussed topic and large amounts of funds have been invested of late in both the public and the private sector, especially in wind and solar energy. Moreover, the power industry is the main area that the European Union wishes to support through its funding programs.

Nonetheless, large wind power plants are not suitable for private use and cannot be installed at any location since they require constant, strong winds and they often deface the landscape. SIMETI responds to this by developing a small, mobile power plant, which may be used practically anywhere and which generates electricity with wind speed from 1.6 m/s. In addition, the operation of such small wind turbine (SWT) is very quiet. Thanks to its sophisticated design developed in collaboration with aircraft engineers, the SWT does not require unidirectional wind, it is hardly noticeable, and it does not cause any undesired changes to the landscape.

At present, SIMETI is ready to launch production. The Company has developed the basic product line, it has leased the necessary production premises, it is discussing business cooperation with strong foreign partners, it has completed an analysis of the market environment, it has drawn up its marketing strategy and determined the required human resources, and it has finalized its five-year financial plan. The financial plan is very positive and based on the estimates, return on investment (ROI) should not exceed two years, after which the Company should experience multiple and long-term growth.

It is more than clear that mankind needs to convert to renewable energy resources to a maximum possible extent in the 21st century. While today’s human society is completely dependent on energy, the traditional resources used for generating power since the 19th and the 20th century are diminishing slowly, yet definitively, and the climactic conditions on our planet are worsening. From this perspective, SIMETI’s products are very up-to-date and beneficial on a global scale. Such energy resources are quintessential for the future of mankind and of our planet. Accordingly, it is possible to presume with fair certainty that interest in products of this kind on the part of transnational corporations, state authorities, as well as the private sector will continue to grow.

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